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All of our programs at Neponset Valley Counseling Center
are designed to enhance the functioning, effectiveness and productivity of people. 
  ~Marsha L. Getter

Individual Therapy
Couples Therapy 
Family Therapy
Group Therapy
Family Reunification

Guardian Ad Litem  Parenting Coordination
Mediation of Parenting Plans

Expert Witness  Clinical Supervision

Individual Therapy:
Marsha L. Getter works individually with adults, adolescents and children to address painful emotions and self-defeating behaviors. Individual therapy also provides support in dealing with difficult life transitions and losses illnesses and learning or physical disabilities. Individual therapy enables the discovery of ones valuable inner resources that can be used to solve personal and relational problems, enable personal growth and enrich all aspects of life.

Couple and Family Therapy: Couples and families can benefit from working together to solve their interpersonal and parenting challenges. Family and couples therapy are particularly helpful for those whose lives are impacted by relationship issues, separation and divorce, step-parenting, and the blending of families. In addition, there are times when the growth or recovery of an individual is accelerated when family members or significant others participate in the therapeutic process. Satisfying solutions may be more easily found by working with people who care about and who are affected by the individual.

Guardian ad Litem (GAL): When family members are involved or subject to court proceedings which include issues of child custody and visitation, a GAL may be appointed by the judge. The role of the GAL is to gather and report factual data regarding these proceedings to the judge and may, in addition, offer their clinical opinions and objectives.

Parenting Coordination: When parenting communication is highly conflicted and/or ineffective, children often need to be protected from the impact of these issues. A Parenting Coordinator can protect children by assisting parents in the implementation of their Parenting Plan, while fostering safe, healthy, and meaningful parent-child relationships. Parent Coordination is a child-focused alternative dispute resolution process. It is a process by which Marsha L. Getter, a mediation trained mental health professional, with the prior approval of the parents and/or the court, works with parents to facilitate timely dispute resolution while educating them about their children's needs. To this task, Marsha Getter brings extensive experience evaluating and working with children with special educational needs.

Mediation of Parenting Plans: Deciding on how they will divide responsibility for and time with their children, is one of the most challenging tasks faced by parents who are going through a separation or divorce. As a family therapist with mediation training, Marsha L. Getter works with parents mediating the development of their Parenting Plan, guiding and helping them to make decisions that are both developmentally appropriate for their children, and fair to each other.

Expert Witness: Marsha L. Getter's extensive experience evaluating and working with children with special education needs has qualified her to be called as an expert witness when educational needs are relevant to court proceedings.


Clinical Supervision: Marsha L. Getter offers clinical supervision to LCSW’s seeking to meet requirement for independent licensure as well as other clinicians seeking to enhance their clinical skills. 

Group Therapy: Group therapy significantly deepens and broadens individuals' self-understanding through interaction with others facing similar challenges. Groups enable people to help each other as they are helping themselves, itself a source of emotional growth and satisfaction, and increase interpersonal effectiveness at home, at work and in other areas of life.

Family Reunification: Family reunification is a process to restore a relationship between a parent and a child who are estranged. The purpose of this process is to discuss and resolve the conflicts or disputes that underlie the estrangement so that a healthy parent-child relationship can be restored. Family reunification is a process by which families can build healthy and connected relationships in the midst of difficult transitions, particularly in situations in which one parent has not had regular contact with the child(ren).  Family reunification  is not an evaluation or a process that will result in any legal or custody decisions. Family reunification is not psychotherapy and is not billable to insurance companies.